Customer statement of account

A customer Statement of Account shows a history of invoices issued and payments received from a customer.

What this report shows

A customer statement of account allows you to:

  • See all the transactions that took place between you and your customer for a given period of time.
  • Provide your customer with a summary of the product and services you have billed them.
  • Confirm customer payments that have been made in the chosen time frame.
  • Send reminders for amounts that your customer still owes you for sales that were placed on credit in that period of time.

Learn by watching

Watch this video on how to view your customer or vendor statement of account. Customer statement of account

Step-by-step instructions

To see a customer's Statement of Account:

  1. Go to Reports in the left side menu, then go to All Reports.
  2. Choose Customer Statement of Account under the Sales section.
  3. From the Filter drop-down, choose the a date range.
  4. Download the statement in PDF or Excel to share it with your customer.

Meaning of each column in the report

CurrencyThe currency of the transactions.
AccountThe names of the accounts you filtered by.
DateThe dates of the transactions are sorted from oldest to newest.
ActivityThe details of the transactions such as an invoice creation or payment.
DebitThis shows the amount debited to the account during a transaction.
CreditThis shows the amount credited to the account during a transaction.
BalanceThis shows the cumulative balance of the amounts credited or debited. Since the Accounts Receivable account is an asset account, a positive balance represents the amount that the customer owes you, and a negative balance shows the amount of money you owe the customer.
Debit/Credit/Balance in the base currencyWhen you issue transactions to your customer in a foreign currency, you will be able to see the statement of account in the chosen foreign currency and their equivalence in the base currency.

A contact that is your vendor and customer simultaneously

To view your sales and purchases with a contact, filter your Account list with both the Account Receivable and the Account Payable accounts. This will allow you to see transactions of sales and purchases made with the same contact.

Exporting the Statement of Account

To export the Statement of Account, click on Export results and choose the format of your export.