Recording expenses

When you pay for something upfront, you record it as an expense.

Step-by-step instructions

To record an expense, go to Expenses in the left side menu then enter your expenses one per row. For Wafeq to record these expenses in the books, the following fields are required:

DateThe date of the expense.
AccountThe account where the expense will show up on the Profit and Loss report.
Paid through accountThe account from which the payment was made. e.g. The bank account from which you paid the expense.
AmountThe amount of the expense in the chosen currency.
CurrencyThe currency of the expense. Wafeq will automatically apply the exchange rate at the date of the expense to convert the amount to your base currency.
Tax RateIf you are tax registered, choose the relevant tax rate
Amount isThis field is only required if you selected a tax rate. You must choose whether the amount is tax inclusive or exclusive.

Once these fields are completed, a yellow journal icon will appear in the first column indicating that an expense has been recorded in your books.

Additional / Optional information when recording expenses:

You can add optional details for your expenses, such as:

ReceiptClick on the + button to add upload an attachment for your expense.
ContactThe vendor.
DescriptionThe description of the expense.
ProjectSelect a project to assign to the expense if you are tracking project expenses.