Recording a supplier advance

When you want to make an advance payment to the supplier before they dispatch the goods or provide the service, you can create an advance payment to the supplier. When you create a supplier advance, Wafeq will automatically create a debit note for the supplier which you will be able to apply to future supplier bills

Step-by-step instructions

  • On the left side menu, go to Supplier Payments.
  • Click on Create payment, then choose Bills payment/advance.
  • Select your Supplier in the dropdown.
  • In the Paid Through dropdown, select the bank account where you made the payment. The payment currency will automatically be selected as the bank account's currency.
  • In the Amount paid, enter the amount you pay from your supplier in your bank account.
  • In Payment type, select Advance payment.
  • Click Save.

Here's an example of a Supplier advance:


Applying the advance to a supplier bills

When you create a supplier advance payment, Wafeq will automatically create a Debit Note for the supplier. You can find the Debit note by going to Debit Notes in the left-side menu.

You can then apply the debit note discount to a bill.

Debiting the supplier in a specific currency You can only apply debit notes to bills that have the same currency as the debit note. When creating the payment advance, you can change the amount to debit currency so that you can apply the debit note to a bill of the same currency.

Here's an example of a debit note created from supplier bills:

debit note created from a supplier advance