Creating and Managing Branches in Wafeq

Creating a Branch in Wafeq

Wafeq offers two methods to create and manage branches:

  • Directly from the Branches page
  • Through a contextual dropdown within a document creation page (like invoices or quotes)

From the Branches Page

Create a Branch

  1. Navigate to Branches from the main side menu.
  2. Select Add to initiate a new branch.
  3. Fill in the branch details, including its unique Commercial Registration (CR) number, under the main company's CR.
  4. Click Save to complete the setup.
Adding a New Branch

Edit a Branch

  • To edit, go to the Branches section, select a branch, and modify details on the Edit Branch page.

Via Contextual Menu

Create a Branch

  1. When generating a document (invoice, quote, etc.), click on your organization's name to access a dropdown.
  2. Choose Add Branch from the menu and enter the branch's details, including its unique CR.
  3. Click Save to proceed.
Add branch in Wafeq

Edit a Branch

  • In any document creation process, select your organization's name to open the dropdown.
  • Use the pencil icon next to a branch's name to edit.
  • Update as needed and save the changes.

Using the Branch

  • The newly created branch can be assigned to various transactions like invoices, quotes, and more, from the dropdown below your organization's details on the Create/Edit page.

Managing Inactive Branches

Inactive branches won't appear in the dropdown for document issuance. Also, generating reports for an inactive branch is not possible.

Distinguishing Between a Branch and a New Organization

Below are some cases to help you better set up your organizations and branches inside Wafeq:

Different Countries/Tax Authorities:

Requires setting up two organizations.

Separate VAT Numbers:

Treat as different organizations within Wafeq.

Same VAT, Different CR Numbers:

  • For KSA: Use as a branch if not a VAT group. If it's a VAT group, set up as separate organizations.
  • For Non-KSA: The entity can be set up as a branch.

Understanding VAT Groups (KSA Only)

A VAT group allows multiple main companies to share a single VAT group number. It's recognizable by the '1' in the 10th digit of the VAT number.