Branches overview

You can create branches, assign transactions to them and generate reports per branch.

Relationship between organization and branches

When you create a new organizatio in Wafeq, it does not have any branches by default. If your organization only has one branch, you do not need to create branches. Any transactions such as invoices will be issued directly from your organization.

If your organization has multiple branches, you can create branches to allow you to:

  • Issue invoices, credit notes, quotes, purchase orders and payslips from specific branches
  • Assign branches to bills, expenses, payslips for reporting
  • Generate reports per branch

Branches share the same tax registration number as the organization

A branch will have the same tax registration number as the organization. You will not be able to set a separate tax number for each branch.


If you issue an invoice for a branch, the branch's name, address and the organization's tax registration number will show on the invoice.