Invoicing and receipts

Reconciling payments with bank fees

It is possible to record bank fees at the same time as an invoice payment by adding adjustments during reconciliation.

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Adding adjustments for bank fees

Simultaneously recording invoice payments and bank fees

If you’ve received 95 SAR for an invoice of 100 SAR because the bank charged you 5 SAR, you’ll want to record the invoice payment and the bank charges. Here's how:

  1. Go to Bank Accounts in the left side menu, then click on the Reconcile button of the relevant bank account. Look for the invoice payment transaction and click its Reconcile button.
  2. Select the transaction corresponding to the invoice payment that you’ve received. To add the 5 SAR bank charges adjustment against that transaction, click on Add adjustment, and from the Description drop-down menu, select the Bank Fees and Charges expense account, then click the Match selected button.
  3. Your transaction’s status will change to Reconciled.

The bank charges you’ve recorded in your Bank Fees and Charges expense account will be added to your books.