Getting started with Wafeq

How to Use the "Inbox" Feature in Wafeq

Welcome to a new era of bookkeeping with Wafeq! We're thrilled to introduce our enhanced 'Inbox AI' feature, designed to automate and speed up your data entry process. Now, you can forward your bills and receipts directly to your Wafeq inbox, and our AI-driven algorithms will do the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits of Using the Inbox Feature

  • Fast-Paced Data Entry: Say goodbye to manual entries. Inbox AI rapidly processes your invoices and receipts.
  • Precision: Our intelligent algorithms extract essential information such as vendor, date, amount, and taxes with unmatched accuracy.
  • Convenience: Create pre-filled expenses or bills directly from the scanned files.
  • Regulatory Compliance: All data processed complies fully with the UAE Federal Tax Authority regulations.

How to Use the Inbox Feature

  • After signing into your Wafeq account, go to the "Inbox" tab on your dashboard.
  • Within the "Inbox," you'll find an exclusive email address to which you can forward your bills and receipts.
  • Simply forward your digital invoices or receipts from suppliers to the dedicated Wafeq email address.
  • Our Inbox AI will auto-scan the documents, meticulously extracting key details like the vendor name, date, amount, and applicable taxes.
  • Click To Expense/To bill and the system will then generate prefilled expenses or bills based on the scanned information. You can review and modify the details if necessary, and then click "Save" to finalize.


Imagine you received an invoice from a supplier based in Saudi Arabia for 1,000 SAR. Instead of manually entering the information, you can forward the invoice to your Wafeq inbox. The Inbox AI will automatically identify and extract the essential details, and then create a prefilled expense or bill. After reviewing the details, simply click "Save."