Product Updates

New Product Features [December-2023]

Last updated Thursday, June 6, 2024

At Wafeq, we continually strive to enhance our platform to better serve your business needs. We're excited to share our latest product updates for December 2023, each designed to streamline your financial management and optimize your business operations. Let's dive into what's new!

1. Custom Financial Year

Understanding the diversity in business operations, Wafeq now introduces the option to customize the ending month of your financial year. This flexibility allows you to align Wafeq's financial tracking with your unique business cycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored Financial Management: Adjust the financial year end to match your business's specific accounting practices.
  • Seamless Integration: This feature integrates smoothly into your existing Wafeq account settings, ensuring a hassle-free transition.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Experience improved clarity in financial year reports with a customized view that aligns with your business's fiscal calendar.
Custom Financial Year

Please Note:

While this update enhances the visibility of financial year reports, it does not affect the lock period or the process of creating opening or closing balances.

2. Attach Files to Contacts

In our quest to provide a more comprehensive customer and supplier management experience, Wafeq now allows you to attach files directly to your contacts. This feature is accessible from the 'Contacts' option under customers and suppliers in the main side menu.

Attach Files to Contacts

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined Document Management: Easily attach relevant documents to contact profiles for quick access and reference.
  • Organized Record-Keeping: Keep all necessary documents in one place, directly linked to each contact for efficient retrieval.
  • Enhanced Contact Profiles: Enrich your contact profiles with important documents, from contracts to transaction histories.

3. Bank Transfer for Saudi Users

In response to the needs of our Saudi Arabian users, Wafeq now supports subscription payments and upgrades via direct bank transfer. This addition offers a convenient and secure payment alternative tailored to local preferences.

Key Benefits:

  • Local Payment Convenience: Saudi users can now pay for their Wafeq subscription or upgrades through a familiar and trusted method.
  • Secure Transactions: Benefit from the security and reliability of direct bank transfers.
  • Flexible Payment Options: This update provides an additional payment choice, catering to diverse user preferences and needs.

These enhancements are part of Wafeq's commitment to delivering a user-friendly, efficient, and versatile accounting and invoicing platform. We continuously seek ways to innovate and improve, ensuring that our solutions evolve alongside your business needs. If you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated support team is always here to help.