How to create debit note in Wafeq

Last updated Thursday, July 11, 2024

A debit note or discount notice is a financial document used to document circumstances that require a discount or adjustment to the amount due for payment (reduction of Account Payable). Generally, it is typically issued by the seller (supplier) to the buyer as a Credit Note to clarify the specific discount or change in the original bill. The buyer will record it in their system as a Debit Note.

It can be used by the buyer when there is an error in the original supplier invoice (bill), such as including excess goods than ordered or a wrong estimation of the quantity or price. It can also be used when the goods delivered are defective or damaged, or when goods are returned. A debit note offers a clear and accurate record of transactions and financial adjustments in all these cases.

Steps to create a debit note on Wafeq:

  1. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, under Purchases, select Debit Notes, then click Add Debit Note.
  2. Enter the debit note data in the indicated fields, such as the number, supplier, currency, and date, as well as enter the purchase order number for the products for which you are creating the debit note.
  3. Below these details, you will find fields for the product details, such as description, account, quantity, and price. You can also add a cost center or tax rate (where you can select it directly from the drop-down menu, or click "Add Tax Rate" to enter it manually).
  4. Regarding tax, there are two options where you can determine the price "inclusive of tax" or "tax-free".
  5. To add another product to the debit note, click on "Add a line" to enter the new product data. To save the debit note as a draft for later modification, click Save as Draft from the upper right corner, or click Save to finalize it.

To add collective debit notes, you can import a file containing more than one debit note.

How to record the refund of the debit note:

Select any debit note, and it will appear on the side of the screen, click the Record Refund button.

After entering the refund data, you can download it as a receipt or save it.