Using sheet view

Using Wafeq Sheets

Sheets view is a powerful way to make bulk changes to your data.

Learn by watching

Watch this video on how to use Wafeq sheets or read on below. Using sheet view to work faster

How to select

To select cells, click and drag. If you need to select cells that span multiple page scrolls, click once on the starting cell, scroll all the way down, hold the Shift button then click on the ending cell.

How to use autofill

To enter repetitive information, you can use the autofill feature. You can also copy a row of cells across multiple rows by dragging the bottom right corner down. If any of the selected cells is a date, you will have the option to automatically let Wafeq increment the date over the resulting rows. This is useful if you are recording a recurring transaction.

How to copy and paste

You can copy and paste values using the Ctrl+C and the Ctrl+V buttons. You can copy and paste multiple rows and columns.

How to copy from outside of Wafeq

If you need to copy values from your excel sheet and paste them into Wafeq, make sure that these data entries already exist in Wafeq. For example, if you are recording an expense from one of your vendors “Google” make sure that the contact “Google” already exists in Wafeq.

How to insert and delete rows

To delete multiple rows, select the ones you would like to delete, right-click and click on Delete selected rows.

To insert rows, also use the right-click button, and choose to Insert a row above or below the one you’ve selected. To insert multiple rows, select as many rows as you’d like to insert, right-click, then click on Insert rows. For example, to insert 3 rows, select 3 rows, right-click, then click on Insert 3 rows.

How to duplicate rows

You can duplicate rows in most Wafeq sheets by right-clicking and choosing Duplicate.