Why is my VAT return incorrect?

If you think the amounts in your VAT Return are incorrect, here's what could be wrong.

You did not apply tax rates on your invoices, bills, credit notes, debit notes and expenses

Make sure you've applied the correct tax rate on all your transactions where a tax rate is applicable. Learn how to apply the correct tax rates.

For VAT on Sales: Apply tax rates on Invoices, Credit Notes, Simplified Invoices

For VAT on Purchases: Apply tax rates on Bills, Debit Notes, Expenses

You've created your own tax rates instead of using Wafeq's built-in tax rates

When you create an organization, Wafeq will automatically create the tax rates for your country. These are the tax rates that Wafeq uses to generate the VAT return for you.

If you create your own tax rates, your VAT return will not reflect the sales and purchases that you've applied the tax rate on.

You've selected the wrong date range in the VAT Return

in the VAT Return, make sure you've selected the From Date and To Date range to see the VAT return for the correct period.