Quotes and proformas invoices

Creating and sending a quote

A quote is a document you send to your customers to inform them of the price of a good or service.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to Quotes and Proformas on the left side menu, then click on the Add quote button in the top right corner to start creating a quote.
  2. Wafeq automatically generates an Quote number in a sequence.
  3. Choose the Currency in which you want to send your quote.
  4. (Optional) You may add the Purchase Order that you received from your buyer.
  5. Choose the Contact corresponding to the customer from your contact list, or create the contact directly in the quote form.
  6. (Optional) Assign the quote to a Project.
  7. If you’re VAT-registered and the Place of Supply is required in your country, choose it so Wafeq correctly generates your VAT return once you convert the quote to an invoice.
  8. Set the Date for the quote.
  9. In the quote line items:
    • (Optional) Choose the Item for which you are invoicing, or create it directly.
    • Write a short Description indicating the details of the item you’re selling.
    • Choose the Account where you’d want the revenue to be categorized, this is usually an Income account, like Sales.
    • Indicate the Quantity of the item sold and its Price
    • (Optional) Add a VAT Rate and a Discount if it applies in your case.
  10. (Optional) In the Notes, you can include details on how you would like to receive the payment. Wafeq will automatically re-use this field the next time you create an quote.
  11. (Optional) Add a Stamp or your Signature to the quote.
  12. Click Save and Send to send the quote directly from Wafeq, or Save if you prefer to send it manually.

Quotes do not have any impact on your books

Quotes do not generate any journal.