Accounting Certifications

Top Online Accounting Certificates In 2024

Online Accounting Certificates

Accounting is a sought-after profession with great salaries across the globe. Back in the day, a college degree was the only real way of gaining credibility within the industry, however, nowadays, online certificates offer the same credentials.

In this article, we summarized the top three online accounting certificates in 2024, including their tuition, qualifications, and more.

What Is A Certificate In Accounting?

Students can become qualified for entry-level work in the sector with an online accounting certificate.

For example, a certificate qualifies professionals for accounting clerks or bookkeeper positions.

In addition, the certificate can be pursued by students as a step toward higher education, such as an associate degree, or to get them ready for the change from a two-year to a four-year program.

Should I Get A Certificate In Accounting?

Professionals can qualify for a number of entry-level positions in a promising area with an accounting qualification.

Graduates might explore an intriguing field of work before deciding whether to seek further education.

The certificate offers a grounding in academia and has credits that may be used for several associate or bachelor's degree programs.

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What Positions Are Available To Me With An Accounting Certificate?

Graduates with an accounting certificate can work as financial clerks, administrative assistants, and bank tellers, among other positions.

According to the BLS, financial clerks are among the highest paid of these occupations, with a median annual compensation of $41,520, while bank tellers get $32,620.

However, employees may be eligible for greater chances and quicker professional progression if they get a college-level qualification.

Accounting Clerk

Financial clerks handle clerical duties connected to their organization's financial operations and are employed in the insurance, credit intermediation, and healthcare sectors. They could create invoices, keep track of things, and assist clients with inquiries.

According to the BLS, demand for financial clerks is increasing at a rate similar to the national average for all occupations, with a 2% decline predicted between 2020 and 2030.


Bookkeepers are responsible for overseeing all or a portion of the financial records for their company.

In addition to recording income and expenses, they also compile reports for supervisors to analyze.

Depending on the company, they could help with purchasing, billing, and payroll. The BLS projects that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 3% drop in the need for bookkeepers as a result of technological advancements.

Payroll Clerk

Accounting clerks often work for major corporations and frequently perform specific tasks relating to payroll or accounts payable. Financial data input, the imposition of interest fees, and loan monitoring are examples of typical responsibilities.

Retail and wholesale commerce, as well as tax preparation and bookkeeping, are common industries.

However, due to technological advancements in the industry, the BLS predicts that demand for accounting clerks will decrease by 3% between 2020 and 2030.

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Top 3 Online Certificate Programs In Accounting

Students who complete an accounting certificate program are equipped to apply for entry-level positions in business and finance. Our list of the best online programs includes five of them. To understand more about how we rank colleges, continue reading.

#1 Best Online Certificate Programs in Accounting:

Southwest Tech is a public institution with a campus in Fennimore that provides a number of vocational and technical training programs. The institution offers associate's degrees, diplomas, and certifications while serving many counties in southwest Wisconsin.

#2 Top Online Certificate Programs in Accounting:

The MPTC, located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, also maintains campuses in Beaver Dam, West Bend, Jackson, and Ripon. The institution serves more than 10,000 students through on-campus and online courses.

#3 Best Online Certificate Programs in Accounting:

Seminole State, which is based in Central Florida, specializes in undergraduate instruction. The institution provides a variety of professional certificate programs in addition to associate's and bachelor's degrees. Seminole State is regarded as one of Florida's best public universities.

Is An Accounting Certificate Worth It?

Graduates who possess an accounting degree are eligible for entry-level positions in the industry, where they can obtain valuable experience.

To prepare themselves for further study, students also get an intellectual foundation in accounting.

Are Online Accounting Certificates Accepted?

Employers should give an online accounting certificate serious attention since it demonstrates a solid foundation of knowledge.

Students who complete an authorized certificate program can later apply their college credits toward a higher-level degree.

The Conclusion

Overall, it appears that obtaining an online accounting certificate is worth the effort and resources for the right person.

Such online courses allow anyone to gain credibility in the financial world in a flexible way, which is highly important for many in 2024.

If you’d like to learn more about accounting before committing to a full-on certificate, check out our freely accessible knowledge base with tens of articles about the matter—see you there!

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