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Everything To Know About SOCPA Certification

SOCPA Certification

The SOCPA Certificate is one of the most well-established titles an accountant can have in the Middle East, so acquiring it is fittingly challenging. In this article, we summarized the many details one must know before heading for a SOCPA exam—read on to find out everything.

About SOCPA Certification

The test evaluates candidates for the Fellowship degree from the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA).

The exam tests in terms of theoretical knowledge and ability to apply it skillfully, level of awareness of professional responsibility, and the behavioral characteristics that a certified accountant must exhibit.

The test covers five topics: accounting, auditing, Zakat and tax, transactional jurisprudence, and commercial legislation.

SOCPA Time And Duration

The test is scheduled by the test committee and is administered at least twice a year.

A test candidate must finish all registration requirements within the time frame set by the test committee.

Preparing For The SOCPA Exam

The test does not directly rely on any particular sources or study materials. Together with his wide knowledge, it mostly depends on the test-cultural taker's background and life experiences.

As a result, the test taker must examine how questions are created and how to respond to them. Also, the exam only includes straightforward computations that may be completed mentally or with the use of basic techniques.

Dates Of SOCPA

The exam is held twice a year by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC).

General SOCPA Rules Of Conduct

Ensure that you take the exam on the designated day, time, and location when you enrolled for it.

When you go to the exam location, see the person in charge of your test group in the welcoming committee to go over the paperwork you have and make sure you are eligible to take the test.

You will be directed to your designated seat as soon as you are authorized to enter the test room.

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How The SOCPA Test Goes

You will receive a question sheet with an answer sheet inside after all test-takers have entered the exam room. Because this form can be read by a scanner, you must keep it safe.

Following that, you and your coworkers will complete the first side of the form in accordance with the guidelines provided by the test room supervisor (personal information page).

Pay close attention to the supervisor's instructions when filling out the form's second side (the answer page). All test-takers will then be permitted to access their question booklets and begin the exam.

Just raise your hand if you need assistance or have a question so that a supervisor may assist you.

Exam Questions For SOCPA

Every exam question is a multiple-choice question (A, B, C, or D). Students must use an HB-2 pencil and a circle of the letter that corresponds to the appropriate response for each question on the answer sheet when taking the paper test.

It is not permitted to use a liquid or dry ink pen simultaneously. Although pencils will be provided in the testing area, it is advised that students bring an HB-2 pencil and an eraser just in case.

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Things To Consider Before Taking SOCPA

  • Because test questions do not call for the use of any such devices, calculators and other machines that serve as calculators are not permitted in the testing area.
  • 20 hours total of testing time is spread out across 4 days.
  • For paper examinations, there will be a roughly sixty-minute delay between entering the testing room and the start of the exam.
  • As a result, test-takers should plan to sit for around five hours. For computerized exams, the test-taker must arrive at the test site fifteen minutes before the time that has been allotted for him.
  • In this situation, he has to be ready to take the test for about (4:15) hours.

The Conclusion

SOCPA is a well-established and heavily regulated exam that strictly tests students’ theoretical and practical skills, as well as their time management and other abilities.

Taking the exam requires great concentration and sound knowledge combined with appropriate attention to other formal criteria.

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