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How Growth Levers Scaled 80+ Startups with Wafeq’s Accounting Software

Samer Growth Levers

Wafeq has improved many companies’ accounting, and we would like to show an example in this article. We have asked Growth Levers, one of our cherished partners, to share what it’s like working with Wafeq—read on to see what the Middle East’s go-to startup accelerator had to say about us.

A Few Words About Growth Levers And Their Services

Growth Levers helps you grow your revenue, hire top talent, design better products, and get insights from clean data.

If you would like to scale your startup, Growth Levers is the place to go. You will have the chance to get access to all the channels and potential resources your startup needs to succeed.

With over 80 startups scaled since 2020, Growth Levers is here to help all startups in the Middle East to scale efficiently. We at Wafeq are thrilled that Growth Levers chose our software and services as their accounting solution.

Growth Levers’s Partnership With Wafeq

With that said, let’s have a look at what Growth Levers had to say about Wafeq. We first interviewed Samer Bejjani, Founder, and CEO of Growth Levers and Nada Makarem his Group Accountant.

Samer is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in startup environments his whole professional career. With years of experience, Samer recognized the demand for a solution that offers the necessary tools, and expertise startups need to scale. Thanks to his hands-on experience with startups, he was able to launch Growth Levers and turn it into the success story it is today.

Wafeq and Growth Levers first crossed paths, and Wafeq helps Growth Levers with their accounting and bookkeeping services, and in return, it gets support in growth marketing.

The synergy between Growth Levers and Wafeq was apparent from the beginning, and the partnership has continued to this day.

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How Wafeq Helps Achieve Growth Levers’ Vision

Without further ado, let’s see how Wafeq helps Growth Levers achieve its vision. We at Wafeq go the extra mile beyond our product features to help our partners achieve their vision, namely:

  • Simple onboarding
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Versatile and scalable solutions

Simple onboarding

“When we onboarded our accountant a couple of months ago, she was intrigued by how simple and easy to use Wafeq is even compared to the global players, like QuickBooks”—Samer Bejjani, Founder, and CEO of Growth Levers.

According to Samer, getting started with Wafeq is a seamless and easy process, whether you have an accounting background or not.

Learn how to Move from Quickbooks to Wafeq

Intuitive And User-Friendly Interface

Samer was doing his accounting on his own, however, it soon proved to be greatly challenging to keep up with what his business demanded.

Back then, Samer didn’t have an accountant and wasn’t an expert in the field, yet Wafeq’s intuitive interface and features allowed him to do his own accounting simply and efficiently, he explained.

Growth Levers’s Group Accountant Nada also had a great experience with our product:

“I started recording transactions on Wafeq. It is a user-friendly system where I quickly learned the processes with the assistance of the Wafeq team.”—Nada Makarem.

Nada also highlighted the "Employee claims" feature in Wafeq. As the manager simply needs to go through and approve all the claims at once, which are automatically sorted in order by the system.

Nada also highlighted Wafeq's easy and seamless integration with various banks, as well as the simple Excel exporting function

Wafeq’s Versatility And Scalability

Wafeq allowed Samer to do accounting as a one-man company, as an early-stage startup, and as the seasoned business, it is today with over 16 employees.

This shows that Wafeq is flexible and scalable, able to grow with companies from their earliest stages.

Finally, Samer highlighted that managing multiple entities and revenue streams within the business was seamless with Wafeq, adding to the product’s overall versatility.

The Future Of Accounting

According to Nada, Group Accountant at Growth Levers, accounting is the key to successful businesses and the continuity of any business.

It is essential and fundamental for every business that will be launched in the future, since without accounting, one cannot know if the business is gaining or losing, and thus can’t track the progress it is making.

Will AI Fully Replace Accountants?

While AI will replace certain jobs, it is less likely to completely replace the more subjective occupations that demand critical thought and non-objective interpretation.

The financial report analysis is a perfect illustration of the above, which might differ from person to person thanks to subjectivity and different interpretations.

The Conclusion

Wafeq is here to make accounting easier and more efficient for businesses of all sorts and sizes. Growth Levers is one of the many partners who trusted Wafeq with their accounting, and we are both honored and excited to help them achieve their vision.

Our goal is to help every business in the Middle East easily master accounting, and we want yours to be our next partner—reach out now, and let’s get started today.