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How to Create Effective Sales Quotations That Win Business

sales quotation

Creating sales quotations is a critical part of the sales process. A well-crafted quote not only provides potential customers with the cost of products or services but also sets the stage for a successful business relationship.

In this article, we'll explore what a sales quotation is, how to create effective quotes and tips for making your sales quotations stand out.

What is a Sales Quotation?

Sales Quotation

While a sales quotation is a formal statement, it is not a legally binding contract. It represents a mutual understanding between the seller and the buyer. Once the quote is accepted, the customer is committed to making a purchase at the stated price.

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Tips for Creating Effective Sales Quotations

Creating winning sales quotes requires a strategic approach. Here are some expert tips to help you craft impressive sales quotations:

1. Understand Customer Needs

Before you start creating a sales quote, it's crucial to understand what your customer is looking for. Conduct thorough research by visiting their website, reviewing their brochures, and understanding the nature of their business operations. Engaging in meaningful conversations with your customers will help you tailor your quotes to meet their specific requirements.

2. Customize the Sales Quotation

Customizing your sales quotations to meet customer requirements is key to building strong business partnerships. Use a customer-centric approach by adding appropriate products, adjusting prices, and including relevant discounts. Customizing the quote ensures that it aligns with the unique needs of the customer's business.

3. Provide Accurate and Relevant Data

Ensure that your quotation is well-formatted and includes all essential information. While it's important to be thorough, avoid making your quotes overly lengthy. Keeping your sales quotations concise makes them easier for clients to understand and engage with.

4. Personalize the Quotation Template

Personalizing your quotation template helps maintain a meaningful connection with prospective buyers. Include your company logo, maintain a consistent visual identity, and use digital signatures. Each sales quote should reflect both your brand and the recipient’s business, laying the foundation for a successful business relationship.

5. Timely Delivery

Delivering your sales quotes on time is critical to improving your chances of securing the deal. Customers often request quotes from multiple suppliers, and delays can result in lost opportunities. Prioritize submitting your sales quotes promptly to ensure your proposal stands out.

6. Offer Multiple Options

Providing various options within a sales quotation can help close deals more quickly. Customers may be uncertain about the quantity or type of product they need. Offering interactive sales quotes with adjustable quantities and prices can prevent them from seeking alternatives from competitors.

7. Include Digital Signatures

Using digital signatures can streamline the approval process, eliminating the need for traditional scanning or faxing. Digital signatures allow customers to accept quotes easily, anywhere, and anytime. Implementing this feature can speed up deal closures by reducing paperwork.

8. Send Quotes Within 24 Hours

Using cloud software to quickly prepare and send quotes can greatly enhance your efficiency. Responding promptly to opportunities without needing to return to the office ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

9. Learn from Rejections

If a potential customer does not accept your quote, always ask for feedback. Understanding why your quote was rejected can provide valuable insights into improving your sales process and refining future quotations.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Sales Quotation in Wafeq

Creating a Recurring or Scheduled Invoice

Recurring or scheduled invoices are automatically created and sent based on a schedule you define. Here’s how you can create them in Wafeq:

  • Navigate to Sales > Recurring Invoices: On the left side menu.
  • Add Recurring Invoice: Click on 'Add Recurring Invoice'. Select your customer from the dropdown list.
  • Choose the invoice currency, add a reference or assign it to a project if needed. Detail your invoice items, set the quantity and price, and add any applicable tax rates or discounts.
  • Click 'Save'. Your invoice will appear in the sheet view, ready for scheduling.
  • Set the starting date, frequency, and due date. Choose 'Draft' for later edits or 'Auto Send' to schedule immediately. Ensure all required fields are completed.
  • Click 'Save' to activate your schedule.

Previewing a Recurring Invoice

To ensure everything looks good before sending, preview the email your customer will receive. Select the recurring invoice and click on 'Send test email'. You will receive an email based on the chosen template, with the invoice attached as a PDF.

Creating a Standard Sales Quotation

  1. On the left side menu, then click the 'Add quote' button in the top right corner.
  2. Wafeq automatically generates a quote number in sequence.
  3. Select the currency for your quote.
  4. Optionally, add the purchase order received from your buyer.
  5. Choose the customer from your contact list or create the contact directly in the quote form.
  6. Optionally, assign the quote to a project.
  7. Set the date for the quote.
  8. Choose the item, write a description, select the account type, indicate quantity and price, and add any applicable VAT rate and discount.
  9. Add details on how you would like to receive the payment. Wafeq will reuse this field in future quotes.
  10. Optionally, add a stamp or your signature to the quote.
  11. Click 'Save and Send' to send the quote directly from Wafeq, or 'Save' to send it manually later.

Converting Quotes to Proforma Invoices

To convert a quote to a proforma invoice:

  • Open the Quote: Click on 'Edit'.
  • Change Document Template: Below the title 'Quote', select 'Proforma Invoice' from the dropdown list.
  • Save and Send: Click 'Save and Send'. Your quote will now be a proforma invoice with the same details.

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Creating effective sales quotations is a vital skill for any business looking to secure new deals and build strong customer relationships. By understanding customer needs, customizing quotes, providing accurate data, and utilizing digital tools, you can create impressive sales quotations that save time and effort. Follow these expert tips and leverage tools like Wafeq to streamline your quoting process and increase your chances of winning business.

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