Submitting expense claims as an employee

Submit an expense claim as an employee to be reimbursed.

Step-by-step instructions

To submit an expense claim:

  1. Go to My Expense Claims on your left side menu.
  2. Enter your expense details, one per row:
    • Double click or press Enter inside the cell of the Status column, then select DRAFT to create a draft expense. You will change the status to Submit for approval later when you’ve completed all columns for the expense.
    • Click on the + button or press Enter inside the cell of the Receipt column. This opens your library files, where you can upload receipts. Upload a receipt from your device, or select an existing file, then click Attach.
    • Complete the remaining required columns marked with a yellow triangle in the top right corner of a cell.

Once you’ve completed all fields, the yellow warning triangle on the first column will disappear. You can now change the expense status to Submit for approval.

Submitting for approval

Once you’ve submitted an expense for approval, you will no longer be able to change it unless your approver changes the status back to DRAFT or REJECTED.