Product Updates

New Product Features [August 2023]

Last updated Thursday, June 6, 2024

August 2023 heralds a fresh set of updates to Wafeq's comprehensive accounting and e-invoicing platform. As we steadfastly focus on delivering top-notch service, these new features have been introduced in response to customer feedback and evolving business needs. This month, two significant features rolled out promise to deepen your insights and optimize workflows: Enhanced Dashboard Charts and Quote-to-Delivery-Note Conversion.

Enhanced Dashboard Charts for Financial Insights

Profit and Loss (P&L) Charts

The newly introduced P&L charts provide an immediate snapshot of your financial standing, delineating revenues and expenses. Categories like Revenue by Branch, Revenue by Cost Center, Revenue by Project, and likewise for expenses each come with a summary for quick insights. Whether you're an accountant scrutinizing the financial pulse or a business owner gauging your enterprise's performance, these charts offer invaluable data for strategic planning.

Revenue and Expense Segmentation

Which branch, cost center, or project drives the most revenue or costs? Our new Dashboard allows you to break down:

  • Revenue by Branch
  • Revenue by Cost Center
  • Revenue by Project

And the same goes for expenses:

  • Expense by Branch
  • Expense by Cost Center
  • Expense by Project

Cashflow Charts

Accessible under a separate tab, the cash flow charts are equally insightful. These include:

Cash Overview - Bank Accounts: Know exactly how much liquidity you have at any given time across multiple bank accounts.

Statement Cash: Provides a succinct statement that encapsulates your cash position, helping you manage your resources effectively.

Statement Cashflow: This captures the ins and outs of your financial transactions, allowing you to anticipate business needs and plan accordingly.

The aim is to equip you with a panoramic view of your business's financial health, facilitating better decision-making.

Quote-to-Delivery-Note Conversion

Our second key feature, the Quote-to-Delivery-Note Conversion, eliminates the tedious manual re-entry process and minimizes errors, thus accelerating your sales process. This single-step conversion not only streamlines administrative tasks but also allows for further customization to meet the unique requirements of your business. The feature is a win-win for efficiency and customer satisfaction alike.

Quote to delivery note


Wafeq is dedicated to perpetually enhancing its services, fueled by your feedback and business needs. This August's updates empower various users—accountants, business owners, or administrators—with innovative tools for effective financial management and streamlined operations. We invite you to explore these new features and share your experience with us, as your insights are invaluable in shaping Wafeq into the most customer-centric accounting and e-invoicing solution available.