Invoicing and receipts

Creating a recurring or scheduled invoice

Recurring or scheduled invoices are invoices that are automatically created or sent based on a schedule you define.

Creating a recurring or scheduled invoice

To create a recurring invoice, go to Recurring invoices on the left side menu.

In addition to the usual required fields when you create an invoice, recurring invoices have the following fields:

FieldWhat it means
StatusCreate as draft: A draft invoice will be created at the next occurrence. Auto send: An invoice will be created and immediately sent to the customer
ScheduleDefines when each invoice is created, e.g. weekly, monthly, and so on.
Email templateThe email template to use when sending the invoice. If you choose to auto send the invoice, the email template becomes required.

Previewing a recurring invoice

You can preview the email that your customer receives when a recurring invoice is sent. To do that, select the recurring invoice you’d like to preview then click on Send test email. You will receive an email based on the email template you’ve chosen, with the invoice attached as a PDF.