Connecting your WIO Business account to Wafeq

Wafeq and Wio

Connect your WIO Business account to Wafeq to fetch your bank statements, pay your bills, and automatically reconcile payments from within Wafeq.

Our video below provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to link your Wio business account to Wafeq effortlessly.

What’s the benefit of connecting my WIO Business account to Wafeq?

Connecting your WIO Business account allows you to:

  • Fetch your bank statement directly from WIO without needing to import it manually.
  • Pay your bills and automatically reconcile the payments.

Simplify your financial management by connecting your WIO Business account to Wafeq today.

How to connect your WIO Business account

Before you proceed, be sure to have a valid WIO Business account already, then go to Bank Accounts in the left side menu and follow these steps:

Case 1: I want to create and link a new WIO Account in Wafeq

  • Click on Add Bank Account on the top right
  • Select Link your Wio account from the open window.

Case 2: I have a bank account reserved for WIO inside Wafeq and I want to Link it with my actual WIO Business account

  • Hover over the bank account you want to use as your WIO account. Click the edit icon next to its name
  • Select Link your Wio account from the open window.

In both cases, you will be redirected to WIO's website where you have to sign in with your WIO credentials to authenticate this operation.

Wafeq will never store your credentials for any third-party authentication services

After logging in, you will see a screen summarizing the data that Wafeq will have access to.

WIO access page

WIO's consent page

  • Under Account details, Check all the bank accounts you want Wafeq to have access to for fetching statements.
  • Under Payout consent, check all bank accounts you want Wafeq to use to make payments (like paying your bills). Currently, only bank accounts in AED currency are supported.
  • Click on Allow which will open the OTP Verification page. Check your phone, and enter the OTP.

This integration will create a WIO account for each of the checked accounts under Account Details. Only accounts under the Payout consent can be used to pay bills.

You will be redirected back to Wafeq's Bank Accounts page. Your WIO connection to Wafeq is now ready.

Bank Accounts page with WIO

Notice that the newly added WIO account has a new Pay Bills button

Fetching a statement

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you don't have to import your statements manually anymore with a linked WIO account. You can just get them directly from inside the newly set up WIO Bank account inside Wafeq.

  • Click on Statement under your WIO Bank account listing.
  • Click on Fetch statement on the upper right. Choose your date range and click Fetch.
Fetching a statement

Fetching a statement

Congratulations. You've just fetched your first WIO statement. You can proceed to reconcile all your transactions as you normally would.

Next: Paying bills through WIO

With WIO set up, you can now pay bills to suppliers inside the UAE in AED

Elevate your business operations by linking your WIO Business account with Wafeq. Experience the convenience of automatically fetching bank statements, paying bills with ease, and seamlessly reconciling payments without ever leaving Wafeq