Setting up payroll

Learn how to easily manage employee salaries with Wafeq Payroll.

How does Payroll work in Wafeq?

The Payroll feature allows you to:

  • List all your employees and their salaries.
  • Create payslips and send them to your employees.
  • Break down the types of payroll expenses (e.g. Housing, Basic Salary, Transporation, GOSI, etc.)
  • Reimburse employee expense claims during the payroll cycle.

Step-by-step instructions

Set up payroll

  1. Go to Payroll in the lef-side menu
  2. On the Payroll sheet, list your employees, their pay items (e.g. Basic Salary, Housing) and the amounts of each pay item.
  3. In the Include in pay run, choose Yes

Payroll is now ready and will serve to generate payslips for each payroll period.

Payroll at Wafeq.png

Run payroll

Whenever you'd like to run payroll:

  1. Go to Payroll in the lef-side menu.
  2. Make sure Include in pay run is set to Yes for employees you'd like to include in this pay run.
  3. Click Create pay run.
  4. Draft payslips will be created for each employee.
  5. Set the Period start date, which is the date you'd like the salaries to be expenses.
  6. Change the status to POSTED too book the salaries as expenses. Once you do that, your Profit & Loss statement will be updated.

Pay payroll

When you pay your employees:

  1. Go to the Pay runs in the lef-side menu.
  2. For each payslip, click the + button under the Payments column.
  3. Record a payment

Send payslips

To send payslips to your employees:

  1. Make sure each employee has an email address by going to the Employees page on the left-side menu.
  2. Go to the Pay runs page on the left-side menu
  3. Check the boxes next to each payslip you'd like to send
  4. Click Send payslips in the top right corner
  5. You will get a preview of the payslips to be sent
  6. Click Send to send the payslips.

Draft payslips

You cannot send payslips in DRAFT status. You can only send payslips that are in status POSTED or PAID.