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Empowering E-Commerce with Tabby: The Pivotal Role of Wafeq in Optimizing Accounting Efficiency

Empowering E-Commerce with Tabby

In the realm of e-commerce, achieving a competitive edge requires more than just an attractive storefront or an extensive product catalog. Innovative payment models and strong backend support are indispensable. Among the game-changers in this space is Tabby, which is driving the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) revolution in the MENA region. Complementing Tabby's efforts is Wafeq, which offers a robust suite of accounting and invoicing solutions to manage complex financial dynamics.

This article delves deep into how Tabby and Wafeq empower businesses to achieve unprecedented growth and operational efficiency.

Tabby for Business: The Detailed Analysis

  • Financial Benefits

Tabby is not merely a payment solution; it's a strategic growth tool for businesses. Adopting Tabby has been shown to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) by 33% for businesses. When a customer can defer payments, they are more likely to fill their shopping cart, driving up the retailer’s revenue.

  • Boosting Conversions

The BNPL model reduces cart abandonment and has the potential to increase conversion rates by 18%. By removing pricing barriers, more customers can convert from browsing to purchasing.

  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty

With an impressive +40% repeat purchase rate, offering a BNPL option like Tabby makes a business more appealing to consumers in the long run, fostering loyalty and frequent purchases.

Tabby's Impact on Businesses: 

  • Omnichannel Sales

Tabby's services aren't confined to just online stores; they extend to in-store and app-based sales as well, enabling true omnichannel retail experiences for businesses.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Tabby operates with the backing of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and ensures Shariah & PCI DSS compliance, offering peace of mind for both businesses and consumers.

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Wafeq: The Underpinning Force

Scalability and Customization

One of Wafeq’s core features is its capability to scale with businesses. Abdulaziz Saja, KSA General Manager at Tabby, acknowledges Wafeq’s role in offering a platform that evolves according to Tabby’s scaling needs. This ensures long-term compatibility and operational efficiency.

Automated Settlements and Compliance

Wafeq’s software manages settlements with Tabby's 10,500+ merchant partners efficiently. This includes automatic transfer arrangements with partner banks and compliance with Saudi Arabia's ZATCA regulations, streamlining both operational and legal aspects.

Tailored Invoicing Solutions

Wafeq offers tailored invoicing solutions that can adapt to any business requirement. This flexibility ensures smooth financial document flow, enhancing Tabby's efficiency.

Real-World Application: How it Works

In a scenario where a shopper purchases items worth 1000 SAR using Tabby, Wafeq's systems automatically generate ZATCA-compliant invoices. These invoices help in maintaining a clean ledger, automating end-of-period bookkeeping and accounting for each merchant partner, thus simplifying the financial process manifold.

Mutual Benefits: The Synergy between Tabby and Wafeq

Wafeq’s solutions act as the operational backbone of Tabby’s consumer-friendly front end, making it a win-win relationship. Abdulaziz Saja highlights that their engagement with Wafeq goes beyond mere bookkeeping and accounting, extending to a strategic partnership that benefits all parties involved.

How is Wafeq's accounting software changing the game for BNPL in MENA with Tabby?


The union between Tabby’s innovative BNPL model and Wafeq’s comprehensive accounting solutions has established a new standard for how e-commerce should operate. By reducing financial barriers for consumers and streamlining financial operations for businesses, this collaboration is setting the stage for an e-commerce environment where both businesses and consumers thrive.

By offering businesses a way to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and simplify complex financial processes, the synergy between Tabby and Wafeq is not just driving innovation but also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in today's dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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