Preparing for e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

Preparing your business for e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

Preparing for Phase 1 (4th December, 2021)

What you should keep in mind

  • Do not generate manually written invoices
  • Use a compliant e-invoicing solution that meets the requirements specified by the ZATCA:
  • Obligatory generation of QR codes for simplified tax e-invoices
  • Obligatory inclusion of the buyer’s VAT registration number in tax e-invoices
  • Timestamped e-invoices to keep a record
  • Software functionalities that allow the following should be prohibited:
  • Uncontrolled access
  • Software time change
  • E-invoices and logs tampering
  • Multiple e-invoice sequences

How do I prepare for the above-mentioned requirements?

  1. Become familiar with the e-invoicing requirements stated by the ZATCA. You can benefit from our easy-to-read articles on e-invoicing.
  2. Start using an e-invoicing solution that is compliant with the ZATCA requirements
  3. Test your e-invoicing solution before the 1st of December to ensure compliance
  4. Educate your staff about e-invoicing

Things to avoid as of the 4th of December, 2021

  • Do not issue handwritten or manual invoices.
  • Do not generate invoices that do not meet the ZATCA system requirements
  • Do not use a solution that does not compliant with the ZATCA requirements for e-invoicing solutions
  • Do not delete e-invoices after issuing them

Moving to the second phase of e-invoicing

If you receive a notification from ZATCA regarding the second phase of e-invoicing for your business? Contact us to help you set up your account.