E-invoicing fundamentals

Examples of electronic invoicing solutions

What are examples of electronic invoicing solutions?

The following could be approved e-invoicing solutions:

  • Online cash registers on tablets
  • Virtual cash registers on tablets
  • E-invoicing software installed on computers, phones, tablets
  • Cloud-based solutions (such as Wafeq)


These solutions should be compliant with the specifications published by ZATCA.

Does my electronic invoicing solution have to be on the cloud to be compliant with the ZATCA e-invoicing regulations?

No, your solution could be any invoicing solution that complies with the ZATCA requirements.

Should my invoicing solution be integrated with ZATCA systems?

Starting from the 1st of January, 2023, the electronic invoicing solution you use should be integrated with ZATCA. Before this phase, i.e. phase 1, does not require you to integrate your solution with the ZATCA systems.

Moving to the second phase of e-invoicing

If you receive a notification from ZATCA regarding the second phase of e-invoicing for your business? Contact us to help you set up your account.