Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is Wafeq approved by ZATCA?

Yes, Wafeq is an approved e-invoicing (Fatoorah) solution provider by ZATCA.

Are e-invoices sent to ZATCA?

No. ZATCA has currently implemented only Phase 1 of the e-invoicing law, which means invoices are not sent to ZATCA during this phase. Wafeq will be integrated with ZATCA in phase 2, which is expected to launch in waves in 2023.

My country doesn't require e-invoicing. Can I send regular invoices through the API?

Yes. If your organization country implements e-invoicing (e.g. in Saudi Arabia), the invoice format will comply with e-invoicing requirements. Otherwise, the invoice will comply with regular VAT requirements in your country.

Why doesn't my Profit & Loss report show sales from invoices I've sent?

The e-invoicing API is designed to send invoices in large volumes. In order to preserve accounting reports performance, invoices you send through the e-invoicing API are not automatically recorded in your books.

We recommend you book a summary invoice of the total of your daily, weekly, or monthly sales. You can export your API invoices to calculate totals.

Can I get an extension to my free trial?

If you need more time to test our API, contact us for an extension.

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